About us


Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are one professional artist and one business guy with a collective penchant for graphic tees. Together we are Soup. Soup was born out of a continuous search for great art to wear. We were raised on classic album art, spent our early adulthood at bar shows collecting gig posters and concert tees (sometimes, embarrassingly, showing up wearing the same one). And while we're still always on the lookout for amazing graphic tees, most of our attention these days goes into creating our own.

Our lead artist and co-founder has been obsessively drawing since he could hold a pencil. His extensive formal training, culminating with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art, along with his daily practice and continued study, have cultivated an unmatched eye for detail and sensitivity for how the art and the body of its wearer interact. Since 2005, John has been making people look as unique as they feel through tattoo art. In his daily life, he is met with the challenge of creating original art that complements the body that is wearing it. It is this sensibility that makes Soup what it is. Each one of our limited edition prints has been designed with the human body in mind.

A custom tattoo is the ultimate show of respect between the artist and the tattoo's wearer; one that John takes very seriously as an artist. It is this respect and attention with which Soup treats all of its designs. They're not the same as a custom tattoo - not even close in fact - but a limited edition Soup print does aim to help its wearer express him or herself as the unique human that they are.